SongBooks are being written by the worldwide collective of music fans who embraced a song as a part of their life soundtrack.  Together we are telling the tales of those Song's lives by sharing song memories.


How do I submit a song memory?

Click on the Publish a Memory tab where a form is provided.  Complete the basic questions about you and your song and click on the Submit button.

Once the story has gone through the editor's office it will be published. Your song memory / story will be live on the Cosmic Radio and available for the music legends and others to read.

You may wish to compose your thoughts offline and then return to the link provided.   When you are ready to publish your memory simply copy and paste the text into the Song Story form block.  OR simply compose your story in the story-form block provided.

(Technical note:  There is no way to save and return to the form.  Either complete the story form right away or compose offline and return to submit).

If there is a Photo file to accompany your story, simply attach the photo to an email and send to noting your name, the song title, and the title of your story.

Your song memory may be chosen as a Story of the Week Featured article on our blog.


How do I submit a letter I wrote long hand?

To submit a song memory that was printed or written in cursive (long-hand) you can either take a photo of it or scan the documents to submit.  Email the document to and include your name, the song title, and the title of your story.


Place the letter in an envelope and mail it to our Georgia office:  Notes 'N Time, LLC.,  9265 Long Hollow Rd., Gainesville, GA 30506  Attention:  Cosmic Radio Editor

Please include the information for all the fields in the story form and a way to contact you should we have questions.


How do I publish an audio recording of a song memory?

Click the Publish a Memory link to review the story-form and read the basic questions required for each story.

Complete the form as is ... but in the song story field, type "Audio file" and click submit.  That way we will know to look out for your email with the audio file attached.

Email the audio file as an MP3 attachment to  with your name, the song title, and the title of your story in the email for our reference.

Your song memory will be sent to the editor where it'll be approved and formatted for publishing.  Once the editor is finished, your song memory will be live on the Cosmic Radio.

If there is a photo to accompany your song memory also email it to: with your name, the song title, and the title of your story in the email for our reference.


How does a live interview session work?

A live Interview Session:   Email us or call us to book a live interview date and time.   All interviews are conducted on Tuesdays and Saturdays but we will do what we can to make it convenient for you.  Please provide your time zone and a couple dates / times you would prefer.

Visit the "Publish a Memory" link where basic questions about you and your story are requested.  Visit the "Ideas" page for creative suggestions on how to discuss your favorite song.

Do allow time to prepare for your interview and know what you most wish to express to the music legends.

At the designated hour we will conduct and record the interview session via our telephones.

Once the interview is complete, the live recording is sent to the editor where it'll be approved and published.  Once completed your story will be live on the Cosmic Radio!

Why are we limited to songs from the list of Music Legends?

The 50's through the 80's is when the majority of Baby Boomers were born or came of age but are also the era of musicians that seem to have decided to have their final tours.  During this magical time in history there was huge volumes of unique and special music released.

Unfortunately our age group is getting older and many of our music legends are passing on.  Our focus on this generation of music is to be sure we tell the musicians how we feel about what they contributed to our lives before we lose them.  And if we have lost a legend,  the importance remains to honor their music for those they left behind, and to contribute to the overall preservation of the music.

It is our goal that the music legends have the pleasure of reading about the magic we found in their songs and learn how much we care for them and their music.  For these reasons the Cosmic Radio is highlighting these decades.

We are open to publishing SongBooks up to and including the 2000 decade, when those songs were released by the artists listed on the Music Legends page.