For the first time in human history we are preserving the "long tale of a song" --the story of a song told through the eyes of the music fans who lived and loved the song, it's music and lyrics. (60's-80's)

Most importantly "SongBooks" are a new way for music legends to monetize their extensive discography while music fans get to tell their favorite musician their own personal song story, thanks, & appreciation.

3 Ways to publish your song story

Write a Song Memory

Share what your recall about your favorite song or write a letter to the songwriter, singer, or musicians and your memory will be published as a chapter in your song's book.   Learn more ...

Record a Song Memory

If your preference is telling a story orally, then record your song memory as an audio file and it will become a chapter in your favorite Songs' Book.  Learn more ...

Live Interview with DJ

Book a live interview to tell your story on the Cosmic Radio about one of your favorite songs.  The live recording will become your chapter in it's SongBook. Contact us to schedule your session.

Help preserve our favorite songs

Most of us have a love affair with music -- yet there are few ways for us to show it. When a generation is gone, the prominence of their music disappears too;  but how do we keep the music alive?

The Cosmic Radio intends to honor the music from the Baby Boomer generation by forming a community of music lovers who wish to share their song memories as a way to preserve our generation of outstanding music.

Each memory submitted to the Cosmic Radio will be recorded as a chapter in a SongBook.

Each song has it's own book.    AND ...

All SongBooks are gifted to the songwriters, musicians, and bands who gave us the music.

The music legends are sure to enjoy our collective effort to preserve their music in this unique SongBook format.


Song and Story are reunited in the SongBook Library


Dear Music Lovers,

You are cordially invited to enjoy reading and listening to all the SongBooks in the CosmicRadio Library.

SongBooks provide readers a unique experience by combining the enjoyment of reading with the music that accompanies the story.  More importantly SongBooks will benefit our music legends by:

  1. Demonstrating our appreciation for their song(s) and our love of their music throughout our lives.
  2. Keeping the song(s) alive and thriving for many generations by archiving the life of each song down through time ... as each song has a born on date with no expiration necessary.
  3. Most importantly the SongBooks will be a new source of revenue for our music legends when the stories have all been collected and final production and publishing of each SongBook is completed.

I urge you to kick back and bask in story and song.  It feels good to reminisce with our favorite songs from the 60's - 80's.

Check back often as the SongBook library grows each week with new stories and as individual SongBooks grow more chapters.

I encourage you to share your favorite songbooks with your friends as together we enjoy a brand new way to RnR;   Readin' 'n Rockin ... or reading with country, the blues, R&B, or all that jazz.

Thanks for tuning in!

D. Laureen Earnest

Founder /

Consider these questions when sharing your Song Memory

What about the song made you like it in the first place?

When did you first hear the song?

Who does it remind you of?

What emotions rise to the top when you listen to the song?

What is your favorite lyric in the song?

Read the complete list of ideas here.