A Magical Broadcast Station


Once upon a time a moss covered path lead us from the edge of the pastures deep into the woods.

Sunlight streaming through massively aged statuesque trees warm our way.

Dragonflies dart and frolic about as honey bees play on each side of the path gathering sweet nectar pollinating flowers abloom.

Our meandering opens to a creek-made pond holding two nestling swans swimming some distance from the water falling from a cliff overhead.

Bushes of laurel and ferns hang on the banks of rock interwoven with ivy streaming.  Spring green leaves are jetting into new life and it feels surreal and refreshing.

Everything within view is newly wet and dripping from a luxurious drink of rain refreshed as the sun bursting clouds apart impart a rainbow across the falls mirrored on the ponds’ surface.  Mist rising from the nearby bank glows the seven rays of color are nearest the rainbows end.

Here as the rainbow light beams merge with the earth’s rising mists they electrify as love beams charging the Cosmic Radio … as only God’s promise of love is meant to be expressed.  We rest awhile here quietly singing Hallelujah and praises of glory … for the rainbow bridge presents to all those who wish upon it and receive aplenty the wellspring of nourishment from it.   Dreams really DO come true!