A Song’s Measure

A Song's Measure


For all the songs that have saved us, let us give thanks.

A song is our muse and a friend,

Our alchemist, our heart,

and surely, our cloud to ride.

Song energy, on whatever wave it rides or frequency it abides

is welcomed by our hearts in unbridled fashion

to take us where it leads

to soothe and uplift like none other.

So please World, can't you see it's pricelessness?

It's necessity?

for our sanity, our escape, our everlasting joy and rapture!

This evidence of God's grace for humanity is loved completely,

solely through it's mere existence.

A song is our bridge, our easy answer, a savior of sorts …

for music unites us, opens us up

and calls us home in either end of it's extremes.

It can generate that contented place inside that starts you silently humming along

to our undulating in wild abandon on the dance floor flowing in vertical expression.

A song is by your side when you wail in deep despair

and too urges us to rise higher and deeper in love in the sharing of it.

A song remembers your life in the playing of it,

this essential life spice that seems to see all and be all to everyone it meets.

So please World, recognize the magic inside a song that surrounds you and has counted your days beside you.

For how can we not sing out the praises of it?

As the fact remains the world does want to hear it again...

Especially and simply for the saving of us all.