Our Approach

As a spirited empathic communicator & curator I am bringing together a contagious community of music lovers to articulate an ode to the 50’s – 80’s era. Through sharing our individualized song memories with the world, we harmonize the power of those memories with the power of the music that created them to unleash positive nostalgia around the world.

The CosmicRadio is here so we may reminisce with our life soundtrack while simultaneously pay tribute to the life’s work of our favorite music legends.  We, as a team, are preserving our magnificent music in a whole new way ... through the timeless unbeatable combination of story and song ... presented as a book.       


The Story

It all started when I taught myself to read at age 5 and my parents started me on piano around age 6. This set me up for a life long love of both reading and music.

After spending 30+ years in high tech sales for leaders such as Apple and Intel, I became conditioned to introducing the newest and greatest innovations and being about 10 years ahead of the vast majority.

When the digital age hit the music industry hard it was upsetting to think that “music as we knew it” was dying a slow death. I realized there had to be a way to not only help the music legends, but also combine two of the worlds' favorite past times; reading and music.

Giving it my all ... I will not stop until we celebrate our generation of songs from the 50's - 80's and honor the artists in a full out rock n roll manner!

Utilizing  and leveraging the digital trends for the upcoming decade, we will demonstrate an easy way for music legends to further monetize their extensive discography and life's work.

Meet the Founder

After 35+ years introducing state of the art technologies to corporate America for leaders such as Apple and Intel, my encore career is applying what I learned from these early tech visionaries to two of the worlds favorite past times; reading and music.    With the convergence of story and song in book form, a worldwide community of music fans will gift the music legends from the 50's - 80's a new very cool manner in which to reap the rewards of the New Economy.



Founder & Cosmic Radio Host


Takin' it Easy and Rockin' Steady

What does "that" song remind you of?

I can't wait to read and hear your story about how you lived and loved your favorite songs.   It's free to publish ... so go on now!  Do Tell!