I hope you don't mind, that I put down into words how wonderful life is when you're in the world!

"Your Song" Elton John / Lyrics Bernie Taupin


Ideas for Composing your Song Story

Whether you want to write your song story, make an audio recording of your story, or have a live interview with the DJ, here are some questions to ponder that may give you ideas about the content of your story and what your story could express.

What about the song made you like it in the first place?

When did you first hear the song?

What does it remind you of?

Who does it remind you of?

How does the song make you feel?

What emotions rise to the top when you listen to the song?

Where were you when you first heard the song or where were you when the song became a part of a memory?

What is your favorite lyric in the song?

Are there specific lyrics that made you like the song like you do?

Is there a favorite refrain, verse, chorus, bridge, melody, harmony, or rhythm you especially like?

How old were you when you adopted the song?  What year was it?  What month or season?

Were you at the ocean, the mountains, the plains, the lake, the park, under the moonlight? ... Describe the place and conditions you were in when you heard the song.

Have you liked the song for different reasons down through time? ... i.e.  Is there more than one occasion or person this song reminds you of?

Did the song suddenly play recently when you were thinking of someone?  Was the song a part of a synchronistic moment?

Is there a certain musician that stands out as your favorite part of the song?

Is there a certain musical instrument or solo that stands out as your favorite part of the song?

Are there certain measures of the musical composition that stand out as the best feature of the song?

Were you at a live concert and the memory of the event unsurpassed?  Why?

Have you met the musician(s) and have a memory you'd like to share?